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Race report by Jorge Gonzaga
The third round of the Portuguese Nationals was held last weekend at the famous Torres Vedras near Lisbon.

We had heavy rain during the week, so on Saturday there was a lot of mud on the track and unfortunately there were no practice sessions.

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On Sunday the weather was cold but with no rain. The track still had some mud, but it was much better than before. In the first heat of qualifications I finished 2nd having crashed once. In the second and the third rounds I made a lot of mistakes but I felt my car was good, so I just had to improve my driving. After the qualifications the TQ went to Bruno Coelho, followed by Rodrigo Luís and Pedro. I finished in a disappointing 6th place, but I still got my place in the semi.

I had a poor start in my semi, being a bit unlucky on the start and crashing a few times, but I still got 2nd place behind Bruno Coelho and ahead of Pedro Figueiredo. We managed to get two XRAYs into the A-Main.

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A few minutes before the A-Main, rain started to fall again and the track became very slippery. Miguel Matias, who started from P1, started to put in some very fast and consistent lap times, and I started to push really hard to catch up. I made a mistake and he opened a small gap. He kept the distance, driving a very fast and consistent A-Main, until an electrical problem made him stop. I overtook the lead and never lost it. Meanwhile, Pedro Figueiredo got into 2nd place, and Ricardo Monteiro and Rodrigo Luís fought until the end for the last podium spot.

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Final results:
1. Carlos Duraes – XRAY XB808'11
2. Pedro Figueiredo – XRAY XB808'11

3. Ricardo Monteiro
4. Rodrigo Luis
5. Nuno Casal Ribeiro

It was a great weekend, with the first one-two for XRAY… Let’s keep it up!

See you at the track…