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Read the full review and track test in US R/C CAR magazine, issue August 2003.

Here are few extracts from the article:

"Xray T1R Raycer - Affordable luxury."

"When fully assembled, the Raycer's molded chassis feels as stiff as any graphite-plate chassis we've seen."

"Xray's C-hub suspension is also one of the most tunable systems we've seen."

"Xray's belt-drive is silky-smooth and exhibits the same precision feel as the rest of the car."

"Report Card:"

Speed and acceleration: A-
Low speed steering: A
High speed steering: A
Straight-line tracking: A

"Superb fit and finish. The Raycer is also among the most adjustable chassis on the market. Xray's instructions are second to none, and the included tuning booklet is by far the most comprehensive and helpful tunning aide we've seen."

"This was my first experience with building an Xray car, and the best way I can sum up the feeling I had upon opening the box and going through its contents was that of sliding behind the wheel of a new premium automobile and marveling at the quality of its switchgear and the fit and finish of its interior. Every little detail has been seen to: from the manual to the packaging to the included tuning booklet. This must be the feeling the new Porsche owner has as he drives off the lot. The Xray kit makes you feel like you've joined and exlusive club - and in fact, you have."

Download the full review