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The second round of the Argentine Touring 1/10 Championship took place last weekend at Buenos Aires track. The weather was excellent. In the classification, Juan Pablo kept the pole position. The final was a very tough battle between Juan Pablo Golobic (XRAY Novarossi official pilot), and Sebastián Recio (Capricorn Novarrossi official pilot). After 45 minutes, the difference was 7 seconds, with Guillermo San Martino finishing in 3rd place. It was an excellent race.

Final results:
1. Juan Pablo Golobic XRAY NT1’11
2. Sebastian Recio
3. Guillermo San Martino XRAY NT1’11
4. Agustin Cutini
5. Lucas Sandoval
6. Fernando Pelatia
7. Alejandro Calens
8. Kevin Kosacof XRAY NT1’11
9. Sergio Orellana
10. Enzo Branciforte