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Read the full review and track test in US XTREME RC CARS magazine, issue August 2003.

Here are few extracts from the article:

"...you get more than you pay for."

"This is by far one of the highest-quality molded chassis around."


Instructions: 10
Parts Quality/Fit: 10
Durability: 9
Tunability: 10
Overall Performance: 9
Value: 9

• Highly adjustable.
• Fit and finish is top-notch.
• Excellent handling.

"It's not uncommon to find expensive racecars at the track. But Xray's T1 Raycer supasses anything that can even be labeled as the "cheaper" kit. The quality of the car is comparable to that of a Mercedes or BMW. Every part is perfectly fitted for the other, and parts are bagged in order of the build so there is absolutely no confusion.
Where most kits fall and include less effective components, Xray includes all the necessary equipment to help anyone win with minimal effort. Compared to other cars in its price range, the T1R is without a doubt, among top of its class."

Download the full review