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Race report by Reno Savoya
It's a famous event right now in the area, because the club is always working very hard on changing the layout of the track just for the event!! It's an opportunity to be out of the federation rules, and create massive jumps and technical sections!!

Unfortunately, the race was delayed to the next week end because of the poor weather we had.

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60 drivers attended the race, either in Buggy, Truggy, or Brushless 1/8 buggies.
Not so many 1/8 brushless buggies registered, so the organizer decided to make them run with the big nitro boys!

The truggy category was locked for 12 drivers.

The qualifications were held on 3 rounds of 5 minutes. XRAY drivers did great, because I TQed each round and Christophe Maglione took the 3rd spot with his 808 spec 2011! Here are the buggy results:

1/ Renaud Savoya XRAY XB808'11
2/ Thomas Nuzzaci
3/ Christophe Maglione XRAY XB808'11
4/ Jean-Michel Savoya
5/ Cédric Giraud
6/ Nicolas Borgeot
7/ Mario Di Leo
8/ Sébastien Philippe
9/ Johan Camet
10/ Jean-Michel Ecuvillon

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In truggy, Bertrand Giraud, after an 8 months R/C brake took the 2nd spot in qualifications, great job for him and his XT8!

1/ Renaud Savoya XRAY XT8
2/ Betrand Giraud XRAY XT8

3/ Jean-Michel Savoya

The format was following EFRA rules with 1/4, semis, mains.

The truggy main was 30 minutes and the buggy main 45.

Unfortunately for him, Christophe Maglione lost a driveshaft pin in buggy, as he was cruising in 2nd place!
In truggy, Bertrand Giraud had a great fight with the determined Savoya senior, but some mistakes on the big double forced him to take the 3rd spot overall. Not too bad after 8 months without Nitro!! I didn't let any doubt in both classes, as I took the lead from start to finish, ending up with more than 8 laps lead!

Here are the results:

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1/ Renaud Savoya XRAY XB808‘11
2/ Jean-Michel Savoya
3/ Cédric Giraud

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1/ Renaud Savoya XRAY XT8
2/ Jean-Michel Savoya
3/ Bertrand Giraud XRAY XT8

Great job to the club organizers, who did a fantastic job to make this event even bigger every year! Let's get even more fun next year with more top drivers!
Special thanks to "THE JOKER" for the pictures.