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Race report by P. Y. Tang
The annual 2011 Indonesia Year-End Race was held on the weekend of November 12-13, 2011 at the Sunter International Speedway (SIS) in central Jakarta, Indonesia. We were informed that it had been raining for the past two weeks in Jakarta, but as if by magic we had clear and sunny skies during the annual event. The weather was exceptionally awesome from Friday throughout the weekend.

With over 90 entries registered from all over Indonesia, we would see 3 classes competing in this event: Stock Touring 11.5T Boosted, Front Wheel Drive 13.5T Handout, and Mini 2WD. The most popular class of Stock Touring 11.5T Boosted saw all the way to F-Mains, with competition for the Indonesia national champion still ongoing.

The track layout was newly designed by track manager Suwardi Suliandy and it was a superb layout and surface; there was also an air-conditioned pit area and viewing room. The layout catered more to a nitro layout, hence it was a the very demanding and challenging high-speed track for electric touring as well as for the slower class of FWD and Mini. Track surface was very fine with low tire wear rate and the medium traction but dusty environment made the traction very low. Super Stock Touring 11.5T Boosted was limited to 3 sets of open tires with 5-minute qualifying heats and 3 grueling 8-minute finals for all mains. With these rules and track conditions, tire treatment, ESC/motor boost settings as well as car settings were very challenging to remain competitive.

In Stock Touring 11.5T Boosted, Bowie Ginting dominated the first day of qualifying in his OrcaQ-powered XRAY T3 taking top spot in all 4 heats with 5 second to spare over 2nd spot Heri (also with a OrcaQ powered XRAY T3). With just 0.5sec separation was Singapore’s P.Y. Tang in 3rd spot with his Qrca-powered XRAY T3, 4th went to Suwardi Suliandy's ORCA-powered XRAY T3, and 5th went to to Dimas's Tamiya to complete the Top 5 ending the sunny first day of qualifying with excellent result from XRAY and Orca. All drivers would still have a chance to better their position in the last qualifying heats on Sunday morning.

In the last qualifying heats on Sunday, it would be difficult for drivers to improve due to the morning dust but it might still be possible with a new set of tires. One of the biggest surprises was the jump by Ronald Snapping into the 2nd qualifying spot and thus dropping Heri, P.Y. Tang and Suwardi a spot down each. Bowie remained TQ.

Top 10 Qualifying Standings (Super Stock Touring 11.5T Boosted)
1. Bowie Ginting - XRAY T3'12
2. Ronald
3. Heri - XRAY T3'12
4. P.Y. Tang - XRAY T3'12
5. Suwardi Suliandy - XRAY T3'12
6. Dhika - XRAY T3'12

7. Dimas
8. Teddy Syach
9. Ronnie
10. Andy - XRAY T3'12

With very close lap times among the Top 10, competition among drivers remained tense. Final A Run 1 started off with Bowie starting off cleanly, while P.Y. Tang powered off into 2nd from the start tone showing the strong acceleration in his Orca-powered XRAY T3'2012.

Bowie led the pack until the 5-minute mark but then retired due to a tire failure. This allowed P.Y.Tang to take the lead, Heri came up strong at the 6-minute mark and reeled in the leader. In the final closing minute, Heri capitalized on a mistake by P.Y.Tang who spun out at the infield hairpin. With that, Heri took the win followed by P.Y. Tang in 2nd. Suwardi Suliandy was disqualified despite finishing a strong 3rd, due to missing controlled tire stickers.

Bowie had a good start again in Final A Run 2. P.Y. Tang took 3rd position at turn 1 and then took the lead at the infield with Bowie dropping to 3rd and Suwardi climbing to 2nd. Bowie’s title contention came to an end when he failed to finish again, this time due to a universal joint failure. P.Y. Tang, who was running an older set of tires, was unable to withstand the pressure from Suwardi who ultimately overtook the lead and took the win. P.Y. Tang finished 3rd while great driving and pressure from Dhika in the final lap put him into 2nd.

Going into Final A Run 3, P.Y. Tang had the best combined result of 2-3, but a win in the final run by either Heri or Suwardi would give the championship. Bowie started off cleanly at the tone, and P.Y. Tang again propelled into 2nd at turn 1. Bowie was in the lead but was pressured by P.Y. Tang until about the 4-minute mark, while Heri and Suwardi were battling for 3rd. There was contact between Suwardi and Heri, which dropped Suwardi to 5th, while Heri pursued the leaders. P.Y. Tang kept Bowie in sight hoping for the best, but Heri again was reeling in 2nd place. Heri closed in on P.Y. Tang during the last minute. P.Y.Tang defended his lines, but Heri made a great pass at the infield S-section, but found himself back in 3rd at the last corner before the long straight. Bowie took the win 3 seconds ahead of P.Y. Tang in 2nd and Heri was just 0.2 second behind. With tied points, Heri was crowned the champion for the 2011 Indonesia Year-End Race, winning by less than 1 second over P.Y. Tang in 2nd overall, and rounded out by a superb performance by Suwardi Suliandy for taking 3rd overall, giving XRAY -Orca the 1-2-3 podium!

Top 10 Final Standings (Super Stock Touring 11.5T Boosted)
1. Heri - XRAY T3'12
2. P.Y.Tang - XRAY T3'12
3. Suwardi Suliandy - XRAY T3'12

4. Dimas
5. Dhika - XRAY T3'12
6. Teddy Syach
7. Bowie Ginting (TQ) – XRAY T3'12
8. Andy - XRAY T3'12

9. Ronnie
10. Ronald