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Free XRAY parts for XRAY drivers

This coming weekend, the 2003 European Championship will take place at the large outdoor track in Kirchberg, Austria. It is expected that this race will again be extremely competitive and thrilling, as most teams were testing prior to the race to find the very best setup. Most modern touring cars are very capable of capturing the EC title.

Team XRAY participated at the warm-up race among very strong competition, and succeed in TQ’ing and winning the warm-up by winning all three finals. This year almost 150 drivers from all over Europe will again compete for the title of European Champion, and we will know the winner this weekend! Stay tuned for news and reports from this exciting touring car race.

More exciting news for all XRAY participants…
Every driver at the 2003 European Championship that races any version of an XRAY touring car will receive a special gift… a carrying bag with plenty of free stuff! XRAY takes special care of all its customers, therefore every XRAY owner will receive a pit towel, new Low-Ratio Pulley Set, set of suspension parts, stickers, leaflets, posters, and Hudy wrench… all this great stuff for free! If you are coming to the 2003 European Championship, do not forget to bring your VIP Card with you.

XRAY - the best customer care.