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Round 3 of the Polish Nationals took place on February 4-5 in Warsaw. The 2-day event was not the most pleasant for drivers because of the cold weather in the sports hall. Around 80 drivers took part in the event and traction level finally started getting high on mid-Saturday.

XRAY models dominated all classes.

Final results:

Spec class:
1. Skrzypiec Patryk XRAY T3'11

2. Chalas Maciej
3. Chlodzinski Blazej

Modified class:
1. Przemek Buczkowski XRAY T3'12

2. Ogonowski Mateusz
3. Niebora Szymon

E-12 class:
1. Kowalczyk Lukasz XRAY XII
2. Raczynski Patryk XRAY XII

3. Omelanczuk Norbert

All Polish XRAY drivers are looking forward to the next races.

Also we send a big thanks to our Polish XRAY Distributor – Proxima Shop – for their support.