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Team XRAY is performing great in Italy in the first two rounds of the 2003 Italian National Championship.

In the first round held in Bari (south of Italy), Team XRAY driver Giuseppe de Liguori battled hard until the last final to grab the overall 2nd place. Starting in the 3rd position on the grid, Giuseppe’s XRAY won the second final and challenged 1st place Corally driver Lorenzo Ristori until the last turn of the third final. Unfortunately due to the 0 points of the first final the victory was lost to the tie.

Also, Gennari and Di Michele brought their T1 Evo2’s in the A Final and contended the runner-up places.
In any case, this was a great performance considering the slipper track conditions; the T1 Evo2 showed its true potential.

Final result of 1st round
1. Ristori Lorenzo (Corally)
2. de Liguori Giuseppe (XRAY)
3. Rabitti Riccardo (Associated)
4. Simari Andrea (Losi)
5. Sala Federico (Corally)
6. Martini Francesco (Losi)
7. Gennari Marco (XRAY)
8. Barbera Guido (Associated)
9. Di Michele Fabrizio (XRAY)
10. Giglioli Silvano (Tamiya)

The second round of the Nationals was held in Toscana county, and this time the 1/8 World Champion, Stefano Colombini, joined the team.
The “Battle for the Pole” was hard and ended with Ristoris’s Corally in 1st place, Colombini XRAY in 2nd, and Giuseppe in 4th with only a 1 second gap behind 1st and 2nd.
The finals were battled very hard, with very bad luck for Giuseppe who was caught in the first corner pile-up every start. Stefano show his skill by winning two finals in style and bringing high honors to the XRAY camp.

Final result of 2nd round
1 Colombini Stefano (XRAY)
2 Ristori Lorenzo (Corally)
3 Rabitti Riccardo (Associated)
4 Simari Andrea (Losi)
5 Barbera Guido (Associated)
6 Giorgio Alberto (Corally)
7 Martini Francesco (Losi)
8 de Liguori Giuseppe (XRAY)
9 Raccagni Alessandro (Associated)
10 Sala Federico (Corally)

We now have to wait for the last round of the championship to be held in Milan at the end of September to know the 2003 Italian National Champion, but rest assured that Team XRAY is in full contention for the honor of that title.