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Race report by Walter Salemi
We decided to participate at the Fiorano Trophy because it was the first race after the winter time off from racing, and also because a lot of big drivers participate in this event (Collari, Picco, Tironi, Balestri, Vanni and more) so we could compare the performance of our new car.

My brother Mirko and I arrived at the track with our mechanic father Luciano on Saturday morning. The track immediately had high grip because it's additive and this gave me the opportunity to test different settings.

For Mirko, Saturday morning was bad because after a few laps his car broke in an accident on the straight when a driver stopped in the middle. He worked hard all Saturday morning to repair his car. For me it was a morning to get to know the car. From the start it was very fast and so in the afternoon when we started qualifications I put my settings on Mirko’s car and he immediately had a good feeling. He got up to 2nd place after Saturday qualifications behind Collari. I did not have a good result in qualification because I had little problems… so I used the qualification to prepare the car for the final.

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In the final, I started well and after 5 minutes I was in 3rd position. Within a 2 sec time spen there were four drivers: 1 Collari, 2 Tironi, 3 Walter, 4 Picco. A few minutes later, Collari and Tironi were stopped due to technical problems and I took the lead. After half way I had a lap advantage on Picco, I changed the tires and then I was back on the same lap as Picco. I controlled the race until the end and arrived with a 5 second advantage over 2nd position.

Mirko, at the start of his final, had a little contact with a driver and broke the wheel. Because of this, he lost some laps and finished in 6th position.

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Final results:
1. Salemi Walter XRAY RX8
2. Alberto Picco
3. Tedeschi Alberto
4. Cavicchioli Christian XRAY RX8
5. Rinaldi Mattia
6. Salemi Mirko XRAY RX8
7. Collari Lamberto
8. Lorenzi Andrea
9. Vanni Aarco
10. Tironi Francesco

I'm very happy with the results of the testing because from the first time, Mirko and I used the RX8 much more competitively.

I want to thank my sponsors: XRAY, SPRINT RC, MAX POWER, SANWA, ENNETI, PROTOFORM, and MLC FUEL.