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close racing
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The fifth round of the dutch TC championships was held at the fine Gouda track. This was the first electric national for the club, and they did a fantastic job! The track is narrow with a lot of hairpins.
After three qualifiers it was the XRAY of Jilles who was on pole, second was local driver Michael Lepelaar with his orion powered Schumacher, close behind him it was Niels with his prototype Schumacher. One second behind Niels it was Tony with his always fine looking XRAY. Further down the A-main there were some new faces. Ronald Bestman and Leo Heijne made the A-main for the first time this year.

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In the first final Michael completely missed the start and this was enough for Niels to move to second place. Tony was unlucky and crash into Michael. Tony recovered well and finished third. Niels was second and Jilles cruised to the victory in the first final.
The second final was more exciting than the first. Behind Jilles it was Niels, Tony and Michael fighting for second place. Tony was the strongest and moved to second. Tony again was unlucky when he crashed into a back marker that moved him back to fourth.
So it was Jilles who took the overall win in front of Niels and Michael.

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the winners
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1. Jilles Groskamp - Xray,Peak
2. Niels Koenekoop - Schumacher,Orion
3. Michael Lepelaar - Schumacher, Orion
4. Tony Vredenberg - Xray,Orion
5. Peter Meurs - Corally, Corally

1. Jilles 9 points
2. Niels 15 points
3. Tony 18 points

The last national will be held in four weeks and will decide who will be the new 2003 champ!