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The XRAY Support Team will be available at the 2012 Neo Race in Harper Adams, UK. XRAY chief designer Juraj Hudy will be at the event to provide technical support while the UK distributor provides spare part service and support via the authorized dealer at the track. The XRAY factory team has a strong presence with Reno Savoya (FR), Martin & Ales Bayer (CZ), Josh Wheeler (US), Carlos Duraes (PT), Juanma Vargas (ES), Maciek Brzozowsky (PL) and others.

Here is some important information for XRAY customers participating at the Neo race:

• XRAY pits are reserved and secure for all XRAY drivers
• service and support is available from RCDisco via the local dealer at the track
• technical support is available from the XRAY factory team
• set-up support is available by the XRAY factory team
• all XRAY drivers get a set of new option parts for FREE

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2012 Neo Support Package
The FREE support package includes some great new parts which were recently long-term tested by the factory team:

New progressive spring set click to enlarge
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The new “must have” progressive springs have initial softer “engagement” but get progressively harder during compression. When the car lands after a jump, this progressive rate prevents the car from landing too hard. These progressive springs are a significant improvement in corners as they generate more traction, and in large fast corners the more the car is inclined the harder the springs goes which makes the car more stable and makes the handling easier throughout the corners.

New ultra-efficient brake pads click to enlarge
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These are the best brake pads currently made, as they never fade out and they keep the same braking characteristics through the race. Increased braking response, increased lifespan.

New front shock tower protector click to enlarge
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This new item protects the top of the shock tower in the crashes and increases the lifespan of the shock tower.

Come visit XRAY chief engineer Juraj Hudy and collect your free Neo support package. Good luck to everyone.