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Race report by Sergi Franch
Sergi Franch won the second consecutive race of the 2012 Catalonia Championship at the Santa Oliva track.

Sergi Franch was TQ in a perfect qualifying session in the first run, making the fastest lap of the day in 20.143 seconds and making a 16sec advantage over 2nd place, taking the pass to the absolute final. The top 5 of qualifying session were as follows:

1. Sergi Franch (XRAY-REDS): 20 laps in 7:04.950
2. Cristian Lorente (XRAY-NOVA): 20 laps in 7:20.975
3. Ivan Mir (SHEPHERD-PICCO): 19 laps in 7:00.342
4. Carles Echarri (SERPENT-SIRIO): 19 laps in 7:00.645
5. Carlos Leal (XRAY-SIRIO): 19 laps in 7:09.777

The final B was won easily by XRAY driver Carlos Leal, who had a perfect race and had a 2-lap advantage over Raul Villa (XRAY-NOVA). The podium was completed by Manuel Mallen (XRAY-NOVA).

The absolute final began with problems at the start for Sergi Franch, who started on pole position but had a trouble with another driver in the first lap. Sergi had to have a perfect race to climb from 10th position to the final win, equalling the fastest lap realized in qualifying (20.143sec). The final results were as follows:

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1. Sergi Franch XRAY NT1’12
2. Carles Echarri
3. Ruben MartĂ­nez XRAY NT1’12
4. Ivan Mir
5. Borja Sanz XRAY NT1’12
6. Cristian Lorente XRAY NT1’12

7. Ramon Guasch
8. Daniel Medina XRAY NT1’12
9. Pablo Valverde
10.Albert Liesa

Set-up sheet
Sergi Franch