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At last weekend of August a Nordic Touring Car Championship took place in Vasa, Finland with participation of all the best Nordic drivers, that was almost like small European Championship.

In the qualifiers it was Andreas Myrberg who managed to TQ being for the first time at this track. The finals were extremely close, with obvious push from Teemu Leino who won the first final and was second in the second final. Andreas was in the first final second and won with style the second final. The third final had to decide for the winner and it was also very thrilling final run. After the start Andreas was blocked that left enough space for Teemu to pass into lead. Andreas racing through the crowd passing a car was "awarded" by stop and go, but still managed to get from almost the end of the field to the 2nd position and finish second just 0.3 seconds behind Teemu.

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Andreas managed to set new lap record for this track as well, so overall very good result for Team XRAY.

Final results:
1:Teemu Leino, 1-3-1= 2p Shumacher
2: and TQ,Andreas Myrberg, 2-1-2= 3p Xray
3:Simo Ahoniemi, 3-2-7= 5p Corally
4:Jouko Termonen 7-6-3= 9p TC3
5:Joel Myrberg 9-4-5= 9p Xray
6:Vesa Yli 6-7-4= 10p Xray
7:Tommi Torikka 5-5-8= 10p TC3
8:Juho Levänen 4-8-9= 12p TC3
9:Christer Anersson 10-10-6= 16p TC3
10:Kenneth Söderg?rd 8-9-10= 17p Yokomo