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Following the race report from the 4th round of ETS in Poznan, Poland you can now get an insight view on the winning car of Zdenko. Check out what all standard and option parts Zdenko used to Win the ETS race, all these parts are standardly available to everyone. Anyone can use and have the same set-up of the car as the factory team. Check out also the set-up sheet from Zdenko.

#302048-O T3 Alu Lower Rear Suspension 1-Piece Holder - Orange

#302167 Comp. Front Susp. Arm 1-Hole - Graphite

#303167 Comp. Rear Susp. Arm 1-Hole - Graphite

#302373 Composite C-Hub Right - 4° Deg. - Hard

#302374 Composite C-Hub Left - 4° Deg. - Hard

#302485 Anti-Roll Bar Front 1.5mm

#303440 Alu Anti-Roll Bar Collar (2)

#303483 Anti-Roll Bar Rear 1.3mm

#305327 Equalized Corner Speed (ECS) Drive Shaft 52mm - Hudy Spring Steel™ (1)

#305328 Alu Drive Shaft Swiss 7075 T6 - Hard Coated - 50mm

#306186 Alu LiPo Battery Backstop (F+R)

#308031-O Alu XRAY Shock Spring Retaining Collar - Orange (4)

#308306-O XRAY Alu Shock Absorber - Set - Orange (2)

#309853 Precision Balancing Chassis Weights Center 20g