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Round 2 of the Jakarta Regional Buggy Championship was held on April 15, 2012 at the Jati Bening Track, East Jakarta (about 30 minutes from city center). A total of 59 racers attended the event, the race format was three rounds of 10-min qualifying with a “2 best rounds” system, and five groups of final (A-E) with 5 drivers bump up. The track condition was dry, dirty, and bumpy, with a weather temperature about 38°C.

I didn’t have enough time to prepare and checked the car after my Neo Race trip, so my heat result was not good. I got a good result only in the first heat (4th of 59 persons), I had my engine cut out twice in the 2nd heat (43rd of 59 persons) and I didn’t start in the 3rd heat. After I rechecked the car, I found that the engine clutch nut had loosened and made the clutchbell stick.

Because of this I only had a good result in the 1st heat, and so I started from main final D in 3rd position and would need to bump up 3 times on this race. In final D (15 min), I finished in 1st position, and did the same in final C (15 min). In final B (30min) I finished 4th which put me in the 11th starting position for the main final A (45 min). Luckily, I finished 2nd in main final A because I didn’t have enough time to change any parts except the air foam filter, tires, and battery when I bumped up from each finals.

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Here was the main final A results after the 45 min race:
1. John Agus (TQ)
2. Jason Nugroho – XRAY XB9
3. Adrian W
4. Darmadi Kurniawan
5. Ray Timothy