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Race report by Carlos Duraes
Round 2 of the Portuguese Nationals was held at the fast and smooth Torres Vedras’ track.

On Saturday we had practice heats to get to know the track. On Sunday morning it was time for qualifications. We had a bit of a struggle finding the best set-up, and I didn’t quite manage to “understand” the track. However, I still got a good starting position for the semi, as intended.

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I finished my semi in 2nd place behind Bruno Coelho, and I got 3rd place on the grid for the A-main.

Miguel Matias and Bruno Coelho were the fastest guys and no one was able to keep up with them. In the beginning I tried to stay with them and keep the pace, but it was just too hard and I chose to keep my own rhythm, managing to get 3rd place overall.

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Top 12 :
1. Bruno Coelho
2. Miguel Matias
3. Carlos Duraes – XRAY XB9
4. Rodrigo Luis
5. Pedro Figueiredo
6. Nuno Rebelo – XRAY XB9
7. Joao Lopes
8. Nuno Casal Ribeiro
9. Ricardo Monteiro
10. Fábio Ramos
11. Jorge Augusto
12 . Fernando Almeida

See you at the tracks!

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