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Race report by CJ Weaver
This past weekend I journeyed across the border in Ontario, Canada for the 6th Annual Canadian Off-Road Shootout. The three-day event gathered racers from across Canada and the United States. The 259 entries consisted of 90 nitro buggies, 48 nitro trucks, 77 E-Scales, and 44 short course trucks. I ran all three of my XRAY 1/8 vehicles and competed in the Nitro Buggy, Nitro Truck, and E-Scale classes.

My XT8 handled great all weekend and I found myself starting 3rd on the grid despite having the fastest time in round 3 of qualifying. XRAY teammate Jerome Treigner was able to put in two excellent runs and would be starting 1st on the grid.

1/8 Truck Qualifying Order:
1. Jerome Treigner - XRAY

2. Daniel Yachnin
3. CJ Weaver - XRAY

The nitro buggy class was the biggest class at this year's event and making the A-Main would be a challenge. My XB9 was awesome all weekend and only required a few small set-up changes from my base set-up to get it to my liking. After two rounds of qualifying, I was able to place myself in the back of the A-Main event. In round 3, I pushed even harder and was able to finish 2nd for the round which would put me 6th on the grid for the final event.

1/8 Buggy Qualifying Order:
1. Jimbo Kvidera
2. Daniel Yachnin
3. Peter Head
4. George Stiliadis
5. Paul Ciccarello
6. CJ Weaver - XRAY

The E-Scale class was the second biggest class with nearly 80 entries. I put the new XB9 shock towers, arms and shocks on my 808e for this weekend to see how it compared to my nitro powered XB9 and I was extremely impressed. After two quick runs in rounds one and three, I found myself starting 3rd on the grid.

E-Scale Qualifying Order:
1. Jimbo Kvidera
2. Rick Redmin
3. CJ Weaver - XRAY

In the A1 and A2 E-Scale mains, I battled with the top 3 cars for the first couple of minutes but a few bobbles would drop me back into 4th place. With two 4th place finishes, I was out of contention for a spot on the podium.

However, I put in another solid run in the A3 main and would guarantee myself a 4th place finish overall.

E-Scale A-Main Final Results:
1. Rick Redmin
2. Jimbo Kvidera
3. Dave Henry
4. CJ Weaver - XRAY XB808E

In the 30 minute Truck A-Main, I was determined to put my XT8 on the podium at this year's event. After being spun around in the first corner and battling my way out of last place, I found myself being lapped by the 5 minute mark by XRAY teammate Jerome Treigner. I knew that I had one of the fastest trucks if I was able to regain focus. I ran a clean race for the remaining 25 minutes and was able to close the huge deficit. Although I was unable to catch the top 2 cars, I was able to make it back onto the podium and finish in the 3rd position.

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Nitro Truck A-Main Final Results:
1. Jerome Treigner - XRAY XT8
2. Paul Ciccarello
3. CJ Weaver - XRAY XT8

My XB9 was awesome all weekend and I was amazed at how easy it was to drive in the final event. For the first couple of minutes I drove conservatively and managed to work myself into 3rd place. I battled with second place and eventually found myself sitting comfortably in 2nd place. On my final fuel stop, I fell back into the 3rd position, but was right behind both 1st and 2nd place. With less than 5 minutes to go, the top 3 cars were all separated by less than 5 seconds and I began to make my push towards the front. With just under 2 minutes to go, I was able to pass both cars to take over the narrow lead and never looked back.

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Nitro Buggy A-Main Final Results:
1. CJ Weaver - XRAY XB9

2. Jimbo Kvidera
3. Paul Ciccarello

Also joining me in the Nitro Buggy A-Main was XRAY teammate Jerome Treigner who was able to dominate the B-Main and start 11th on the grid.

I was very pleased with all three of my XRAY vehicles and was happy with my personal performance. Team XRAY was able to win both the Nitro Buggy and Nitro Truggy classes at this year's Canadian Off-Road Shootout!

CJ's set-up sheets