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Xray drivers!
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At one of the nation-open EP race last weekend in Singapore, the team at Hobbylink certainly put up a very strong showing of the Xray T1 touring cars, finishing A-Main 1st and 4th and B-Main 1st and 2nd.

Here are the A Main results: click to enlarge
Sam's winning Xray T1 Raycer
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1. Sam Cheng - Xray T1 Raycer
2. Nicholas, TQ - Tamiya TB Evo3
3. Tony Neo - Yokomo SD
4. Bryan Thng - Xray T1 Evo2
5. Monico - Losi XXXs
6. Jerry Tze - Yokomo SD
7. Audi - Yokomo SD
8. Kelvin Khng - Tamiya 414
9. Kenneth Tan -Yokomo SD
10. TangFa - Tamiya TA04

Here are the B Main results:
1. Rio Canare – Xray T1 Evo2
2. Alan Ang – Xray T1 Evo2

3. David
4. Chang Kum Yew
5. Noel – Xray T1 Evo2
6. Allister
7. KS Lee – Xray T1 Evo2
8. Max Ong – Xray T1 Evo2
9. Dani - Xray T1 Evo2

10. Adit

The full report from Bryan Thng can be found here.