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Race report by Martin Bayer
This year I´ll race the German Championship with my XB9. The first qualification race took place last weekend at the Euro 2011 track in Sand am Main.

As always the club made huge efforts to prepare the track and it was in perfect shape. Over 70 drivers attendet in the Expert Class - a lot of them driving the new XRAY XB9. In the Hobby Class half of the field were XB9 cars.

It was nice to see how good the XB9 was on this very high-grip track. During practice the track was little dusty but it became grippy very quickly. For the first qualification I used my basic set-up. The car was really good but a little dificult to drive, and I missed TQ by only 0.2 second. For the second qualification. I went hard on the diff set-up and car was very easy to drive; after this change I TQ‘d the second round. For the third round I went from 8-hole pistons to 6-hole pistons. The car was even easier to drive and faster in the high-grip section. I again took TQ in the last round.

The car was very good in the last qualification, so I decide to stay with that last set-up.

I won the semi-final very easily, with 1 lap more than other drivers.

In the finale I started from pole and lead to the end of race with more than a 35-second lead. The car feels really good and was very stable during the final. My tires for the final were AKA Impact Medium; they worked very well and after the final they still looked very good.

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Final results
1. Martin Bayer XB9
2. Jiri Mára XB9

3. Hubert Honigl

So all together a great result for the team and the XB9. I´m really looking foreward to the next round at LA speedway next weekend.