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Race report by Maciek Brzozowski
This weekend I traveled with my XRAY cars to Piaseczno in the middle of Poland. It was Round 2 of the Polish Nationals, and the weather was pretty good at around 25°C. The track wasn't really long and laptimes were around 25sec/lap, but it had a lot of grip so I changed the diff oils slightly form 5-5-2 to 7-7-3, and also I put in stiffer anti-roll bars. I tested many tires and after all rounds of qualifying I choose AKA CROSSBRACES soft. The track was a little bumpy with few high-speed corners, but I stayed with 10° caster blocks.

We started qualification at 10:00AM on Sunday. In my first round of qualifying, there was a bit of dust on the track so the 0.9 clutch springs worked perfectly. I took the TQ title in both E-buggy and Nitro. I did four rounds of qualification, but I didn‘t run last fifth qualification so I had more time to prepare my cars for the Finals. I replaced a few bearings so the cars were like new for their finals.

Saturday finals were really good for me. After winning my semi-final, my mechanic set my RB B11 very well and it was easy to run more than 10 minutes with the engine running at 105°C. I started the A main at 12:30PM. Right from the beginning my XRAY was doing a great job, so I was in the lead from start to finish. I won the main final by more than 4 laps over 2nd place driver Pawel Wilczek (XRAY XB9) and 3rd place Darek Stefanowicz.

1. Maciek Brzozowski XRAY XB9
2. Pawel Wilczek XRAY XB9

3. Darek Stefanowicz
4. Daniel Tadeusiak
5. Pawel Lipinski XB808
6. Sergiusz Kulak
7. Lukasz Potepa
8. Marcin Dobrzynski XB808
9. Pawel Hert
10. Bartosz Piasecki

In e-buggy my XRAY XB808e has been driving very well and I won all three finals, with 1 lap over the 2nd place driver. The finals were 8 minutes long.

1. Maciek Brzozowski XB808e
2. Marcin Sliwierski
3. Szymon Sargalski
4. Michal Kowalski
5. Seweryn Skowronski
6. Dariusz Dobrzynski XB808e
7. Pawel Hert
8. Pawel Kielemoniuk
9. Bartosz Zbrzezny
10. Sergiusz Kulak

Overall it was really good weekend for me, the weather was good, I met all my friends again, my cars was good, my mechanic Adam showed me that he is the best mechanic (at the same position as my father)… everything was good!

A big “thanks” to my XRAY team!