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Race report by Maciek Brzozowski
Round 3 of the Polish Championships started on Saturday, June 9th in city Lodz (about 100km from Warsaw). The weather was pretty nice about 25°C and sunny. The first thing I thought when I saw the track was WOW! There were a few low-speed sections with super-high grip. The biggest jump was about 10m in. The track was very technical with really good traction. I didn’t run in practice because the track was still very wet, loamy and bumpy. For qualifying I made a few changes to the car: changing diff oils to 10,10,3 and putting on the hardest anti-roll bars. After a qualification I made a last minute change and put AKA Gridirons Soft on my car. The XRAY was super-stable with them.

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After the first day I ended up 1st in Nitro Buggy class, and 2nd in Electric. First was Michal Tronowski who showed us very good driving. He jumped all jumps with 100% perfect flat landings. I preferred to jump the 3-jump section by 2+1, and 4-jump section by 2+2 or 3+1. Michal broke his rear shock in the first A final and my consecutive driving gave me a win with 2nd A final. It gave me a chance to win at Sunday finals.

In Nitro class, my semi-final A was really good for me and I won, but there were two guys from semi B who hit me with about 10 seconds left, and we were on the same laps.

For the big final the track was very clean, and I changed rear camber… and then had a few crashes because of too much rear grip.

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After 30 minutes, I crossed the finish lane in 1st with over a 1-lap lead over 2nd place driver Darek Stefanowicz and 3rd place Bartek Piasecki.

My teammate Pawel Wilczek broke the rear bearing and this disqualified him from the race. Andrew Trella – also an XRAY driver – had problems with electronics and finally got 7th place.

This weekend was very good for XRAY drivers as there was a chance to be in the Top 3 positions, but because of a few unlucky mistakes we didn't quite manage it. I hope we will do this in Olsztyn, who will host the next round of the Polish Nationals in July.

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Top 10 nitro:

1. Brzozowski Maciek XRAY XB9

2. Stefanowicz Darek
3. Piasecki Bartosz
4. Wilczek Pawel XRAY XB9
5. Hert Pawel
6. Kozlowski Piotr
7. Trella Andrew XRAY XB9
8. Bogutyn Marcin
9. Szczesniak Mariusz
10. Cisek Marek

Top 10 electric:

1. Brzozowski Maciek XRAY XB808E

2. Tronowski Michal
3. Wilczek Pawel
4. Sargalski Szymon
5. Sliwierski Marcin
6. Tronowski Dawid
7. Rzepecki Wojtek
8. Betko Mateusz
9. Kulak Sergiusz
10. Kowalski Michal