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The last round of the Dutch TC Championships was held at the Indoor track from Swifterbant.
This track is the only permanent indoor track in Holland. Normally all rounds of the championships are held outdoors. This year the federation choose this club to organise a national.
Due the rain, it couldn’t be better, and the organisation did a great job.

On Saturday a lot of drivers were already (crash) testing there cars.
The lay out was challenging and with the wood barriers a lot of people had to rebuild and fix there cars from time to time.

Sunday started with three qualifiers followed by two finals.
In the qualifiers team XRAY dominated with a pole for Jilles and second for Tony.
Third was Niels followed by his Schumacher team-mate Michael.

The first final saw Jilles cruising in first position followed by Tony. Niels crashed and had to retire early in the final.
So it was Jilles who crossed the finish line first with Tony in second. This gave Jilles the championship victory!
The second final had to decide who will become second in the overall championship. Both Niels and Tony had 20 points before the start of the second final.

This final was more or less the same as the first final with Jilles in front followed by Tony with Niels in third place.
After five minutes it was still the same, so this gave Tony his well deserved overall second place in the championship.

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Final standings:
1. Jilles Groskamp - Xray,Peak
2. Tony Vredenberg - Xray,Orion

3. Michael Lepelaar - Schumacher, Orion
4. Niels Koenekoop - Schumacher,Orion
5. Peter Meurs - Corally, Corally

2003 Championship:
1. Jilles, Xray 11 points
2. Tony, Xray 22 points

3. Niels, Schumacher 23 points

In the Stock-class it was again Stefan Jansen (T1R) who TQ-ed for the fourth time this year. At last - without interference he had all the year-, he showed he was the fastest stock driver of the season. Second in Swifterbant was also Xraydriver: Martin Dokter, third Mario Taekema (Corally)
In the overall ranking Stefan became third and Martin fourth. Dutch stock champion this year: the most consistent driver: Mario, congratulations.

Stock final standings:
1. Stefan Jansen – Xray T1R
2. Martin Dokter - Xray T1R

3. Mario Taekema Corally

2003 final stock results:
1. Mario Taekema Corally
2. Jorrit Derksen Corally
3. Stefan Jansen - Xray
4. Martin Dokter Xray