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Race report by Florian Laux
Round 3 of the East Bavarian Championship took place at the beautiful 3 Burgen Ring in Riedenburg on June 16/17. The weather was great and the organizers did a perfect job of preparing the track. Eighty drivers took part in the race, with 29 of them in the 40+ class.

Riedenburg is a very smooth and slippery track with tight corners. To be fast you need a car with a lot of steering and rotation, so the set-up has to be different than most other tracks.

In the Sportsman class, Stefan Stiegler with his new XRAY XB9 dominated qualifying and the semi-final. He started in the final from P1 and never looked back. Congratulations!

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Result Sport Class:

1. Stefan Stiegler XRAY XB9
2. Ludwig Schmitt
3. Heinrich Wagner

The Pro class was very tight, with the best drivers separated by only between a few seconds. I started 4th in the final, but small mistakes and a engine stoppage during refueling set me back 10 seconds so I missed the podium and finishing 6th overall. Not bad, but more was possible.

Result Pro Class:

1. Stefan Scheunpflug
2. Sebastian Winterstein
3. Christian Stangelmeier
4. Luca Steinbauer
5. Tommi Scheidl
6. Florian Laux XRAY XB9
7. Markus Penzkofer
8. Florian Schrenk
9. Stefan Schott
10. Bruckner Martin

In the 40+ class, it was a tough battle between me and Peter Scheunpflug. We changed swapped very often in the final, but in the end I was able to win with a small gap between us.

Result 40+ Class:

1. Florian Laux XRAY XB9

2. Peter Scheunpflug
3. Armin Kobler

The XB9 worked very well the whole weekend - all XRAY cars in the race were fast and easy to drive.

Thanks to the MSC Riedenburg Club for this perfect race!

Set-up sheet:
Florian Laux