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Race report by Mattia Pesenti
Last weekend we had the 4th round of Swiss National in Lostallo (clockwise). On Friday we tested many things and different setups and at the end of the day the car was really good. On Saturday morning during the last practice we tried softer rims and the car was faster and easier to drive, I could ran in 20.170, that was a great lap in Lostallo. We start the qualifying rounds trying to finish the first one without mistake in order to have a good result, I did the 3rd position behind Müller and Kurzbuch. In the next 2 round I always improve my best time, setting a 20 laps in 7.08 in the third round. Kurzbuch and Müller did 20 laps in 7.06. In the last one it was colder and I tried to push harder but unfortunately I did a mistake and I lost many seconds. I finished the round with 20 laps in 7.09, setting the new daily record with a lap in 20.045. I finish the qualifying round in 4th position.

Top5 EXPERT Qualification:
1. Kurzbuch Simon
2. Hächler Silvio
3. Müller Marco
4. Pesenti Mattia Xray RX8
5. Henzi Thomas

In the 1/10th class did the TQ, the only one doing 20 laps.

Top5 1/10th qualification:
1. Schär Traugott Xray NT1

2. Kuriger Sandro
3. Spreng Helli
4. Lechner Klaus
5. Santos Nuno

SUNDAY (Finals)
Sunday was another sunny day. In the semifinal I ran very calm and I finished 2nd behind Hächler Silvio. In the final I started from the third position behind Kurzbuch and Hächler. The start really fast but after 4mins Hächler had problems with the servo and he had to stop. I was in second position and behind me Müller was pushing really hard and he could pass me during the pit stop but unfortunately he had problems and he had to stop after 15mins of racing. I was in second position, 10 seconds behind Kurzbuch, but I tried to push the whole race because Kurzbuch was refueling before me and maybe he had to do one more pitstop at the end. I could manage to decrease the gap to 7-8 second but at 1min to the end it was quite impossible to win. But Kurzbuch had an engine failure just 2-3 laps before the end and I pass on the lead. It was a shame because Kurzbuch ran a perfect final, but that’s racing.

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Top5 EXPERT Final:
1. Pesenti Mattia XRAY RX8 2012
2. Kurzbuch Simon
3. Lechner Sabrina
4. Martinelli Luca
5. Hasler Remy

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Top5 1/10th Final:
1. Schär Traugott XRAY NT1 2012
2. Bonetti Giovanni
3. Kuriger Sandro
4. Spreng Helli
5. Mucnjak Dominik

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