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Race report by Jerome Treignier
Fast Lap Racing raceway located in Sanair’s Motor Speedway was attending the 2nd Rc Pro Québec this first week end of july.

Almost 130 racers was here, with all the best Eastern Canadiens drivers.

After some practices Saturday morning, the race started with four round of qualifier.
The track was really challenging for everyone, with some high speed and low speed corner and some really hard jumps.

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The Xray driver Jerome Treignier TQed 3 rounds over for in both buggy and truggy class, securing the overall TQ and the fastest time over 5 min.

The buggy main shows one more time the Xray domination with Jerome Treignier taking the 1st spot.

In truck main, Jerome Treignier also took the 1st place, finishing the perfect week for Xray.

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1. Jerome Treignier XRAY XB9
2. Franco Rizzo
3. David Lecuyer
4. Daniel Dallaire
5. David Michaud
6. Dave Belley
7. Daniel Salvas
8. Eric Deschenes
9. Anthony Bourgeois XRAY XB9
10. Carl Boulianne

1. Jerome Treignier XRAY XT8
2. Carl Boulianne
3. Eric Boucher
4. David Lécuyer
5. Dany Bradet
6. Jonathan Mongeau
7. Anthony Bourgeois
8. William Michaud
9. Eric Deschenes
10. Martin Lenneville

Set-up sheet
Jerome Treignier