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Race report by Martin Bayer
Round 2 of the Czech National was held this weekend at the track at Slavkov u Brna, with categories of 1/8 nitro and 1/8 electric. It was a 2-day race. All weekend there was the extreme heat that reached 43 degrees, so it was a very difficult race for all drivers and mechanics.

Saturday was qualification, and Sunday was for finals. In each category I held TQ!

I won the electric category by a wide margin. In the nitro category, I started from the 1st place, but my engines stopped at the start and they restarted the engine in pit.

I was alrready 1 lap down but I drove hard and after 8 minutes I was back in 1st place. At end of the race I won with more than 1 lap over the other drivers. The car worked very well.

For the entire week I drove on AKA tires and use medium compound. In the final I drove with Citiblock medium; they where really good.

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Nitro results:
1. Martin Bayer XRAY XB9
2. Lukáš Zeman XRAY XB9

3. Petr Klatovský

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Electric results:
1. Martin Bayer XRAY 808E
2. Erik Margony
3. Kája Novotný

Set-up sheets
Martin Bayer - XB808E
Martin Bayer - XB9