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Race report by Carlos Duraes
Round 4 of the Portuguese Nationals was held at the Avanca track, a very technical track that was enjoyed by almost every driver. About 50 drivers attended this round. We got some practice sessions on Saturday, trying to get the perfect tune on the car.

On Sunday morning there were three qualifying rounds. I won the first one, but the second and third did not go as well has intended since the changes in the car did not have the desired effects. I got 3rd overall in qualifying, and I still managed to win my semi and make it 1st on the A-Main grid.

It was an awesome A-Main final. At the beginning I was leading but I made some mistakes and dropped to 2nd. After that I pushed hard almost every lap and I was able to get into the lead and take the win. After some bad luck in the last round I can finally celebrate a win and get the boost for the last Nationals round. I will also give a shout-out to my XRAY teammate and Euro-B finalist Nuno Rebelo who raced a very good final considering that he was struggling all along with a bad tyre choice.

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Fianl results
1. Carlos Duraes XB9
2. Ricardo Monteiro
3. Joao Gomes
4. Bruno Coelho

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The last round of the Nationals will be held at Torres Vedras and theres four drivers still fighting for the title. Ahhhh, racing.

See you at the tracks!
Carlos Duraes