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Report by Asi Bitton
This will be the second straight winning XRAY group in the Israeli league's for 1/8 off-road RC cars. The current season was undoubtedly Israel's XRAY team with 7 wins out of 8: 5 for Meir Azuli and 2 for Omer Asayag. Meir was confident throughout the year even with the model 808 - 2011 and of course with the new model XRAY XB9.

The basic set-up was always the starting point for each track, and usually some small changes and the car was ready. Driving well throughout with much courage and the knowledge that you could accurately control – and the durability of the car did not disappoint – pushed Meir and he improved all the time at tracks in the country.

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I think that in our tracks… beyond the control of the car, reliability & survivability are key factors to win. A connection is established between the drivers and their car and that was primarily because of the reliability and support of all staff. As time passes and we know more about XRAY cars, the designer's reasoning becomes clearer to us and makes it easy for us to understand how to improve the car set-up.

For the competition held in May in Cyprus (tradition of recent years), I could not travel, but it was enough to hear what was missing and co-operation with Meir via telephone helped to set up the car. He took 1st place. Driving very fast and strong, and the forgiveness and flexibility of the vehicle, were the combination won the competition.
Aviv Maimon was one of the leading drivers of the team this year and although he did not win, he was a pretty obvious candidate for victory in all competition. Other drivers were in the Israeli league: Omer Asayag who won two tournaments each season, and he drove the XRAY 808 2011.

There are insufficient words to thank all the group members: Erez, Rami, Hovav, Guy, Dotan, Adi, Ofer ..... and many more. Almost everyone got onto the podium in different categories.

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Final championship results:
1. Meir Azulai -XRAY XB9
2. Yaniv Sivan
3. Itay Atedgi
4. Omer Asayag
5. Aviv Maimon XRAY XB9

B final
1. Paul price
2. Erez Even Hen XRAY XB9
3. Asi Bitton XRAY XB9

It was a great year for the team that had won many trophies. We all eagerly await the beginning of the 2013 season in early September, to continue what we’ve ben doing for the past 2 years.