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Report from Andy Moore
West London national was the last meeting in the BRCA calendar and with myself, David Spashett and Chris Grainger still in with a chance of winning it was going to be tough, we even had Teemu Leino racing for the 1st time at a BRCA national!

The saturday practice session went well and myself and Ben were a little faster than the others. It was looking like I had a good chance to win my 3rd national in a row and also the championship.

Sunday morning and the 1st round of qualifying went ok, I ended up 2nd 0.25 sec behind Chris Grainger. Unfortunately the next 2 rounds of qualifying were not as good and I did not improve when others did, which left me 7th going into the last round! New tyres went on for this run and right from the begining I was on for TQ however I had that much traction that I actually traction rolled on lap 3 and lost alot of time, this meant I did not improve. Final qualifying result 7th!

Finals time and because David Spashett had qualifyed 2nd this meant I had to win the final and David had to finish lower than 4th. To win the final from 7th would be hard but I really did not think that Dave would finish outside the top 4, so I thought my chances of winning the championship were fairly small now! However I still had to go for it and see what happens. After three laps I had managed to catch up to David and with the car handleing prefectly I was able to pass him and just pull away. Now I had to hope he would make a mistake and drop down the field lower than 4th. He did make that mistake, but only dropped down to 4th which meant I had won the national but finished 2nd overall in the championship by just 1 point!!

Anyway - 3 national wins in a row shows just how good our car is now, so we can all look forward to the indoor season ;-)


Setup of Andy Moore is available for download here at www.myTSN.com