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Two wins and strong performance of Xray click to enlarge
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With a new record of 99 competitors and with a new carpet track the VIOL-Cup has opened the winter season 2003/2004. The indoor track near Dusseldorf in Western Germany, well-known for its racing series during summer and specially during winter, presented a completey re-designed track for round one of the VIOL-Cup. Carpet instead of tarmac and a brillant layout enjoyed the drivers, not only from Germany but also from The Netherlands, Belgium and France. Unfortunately something went wrong with the substructure made of wood and the track became bumpy. But nobody was blaming anybody for this reason, and in the next few weeks the track will be newly build up again.

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The VIOL-Cup 2003/2004 is carried out in five classes: touring cars 12 turns (the German modified class), 17 turns (the former standard class in Germany) and 27 turns (the new standard class), also for newcomers and 1/12 scale. Of course, the focus was on 12-turn-class in which exzellent competition was demonstrated in the three heats and specially in the three a-mains. TQ went to Marc Fischer (Tamiya) followed by Xray team driver René Püpke. The first a-main saw Manuel Rubow (Tamiya) as a surprising winner while Fischer won the second main. Before the third finale was started still four drivers were able to take the overall victory. Fischer and Püpke showed a nail biting fight for many laps. After a slight collision Fischer waited fair enough for Püpke but Joel Voss passed by to become the lucky winner. Young Joel Voss, driving a Xray T1 Evo 2, is the reigning German champion in the 17-turn-standard-class, indoor and outdoor, who has stepped up to the powerful 12-turn-motors. René Püpke, whose Xray T1 Evo 2 was pretty well set up for the difficult track conditions and who showed a strong driving skill, made it a 1-2 for Xray. The third Xray of Uwe Baldes came in on fourth, behind Rubow and in front of Fischer. Five Xray joined five Tamiya for the a-main.

Result: 12-turn-class
1. Joel Voss, Xray
2. René Püpke, Xray
3. Manuel Rubow, Tamiya
4. Uwe Baldes, Xray
5. Marc Fischer, Tamiya
6. Jens Pöpperl, Tamiya
7. Tim Altmann, Tamiya
8. Kai Altmann, Tamiya
9. Ingo Boos, Xray
10. Leo Heyne, Xray

The 27-turn-class saw a superb domination of young Benjamin Lehmann. Driving a Xray T1 Evo2 he took TQ and victory in all three a-mains.

Result: 27-turn-class
1. Benjamin Lehmann, Xray
2. Stefan Jansen, Xray
3. Thomas Lanwert, Xray
4. Oliver Weil, Xray
5. Thorsten Dreiszus, Xray
6. Lars Nitschke, Xray
7. Peter Creemers, Xray
8. Christian Haas, Xray
9. Dennis Klein, Xray
10. David Drewanz, Xray

Seven Xray made it to the a-main in the 17-turn-class, which had the most entries of the day (28). After three very hard races and some bad manouvers it was Jörg Knippenberg winning with Yokomo ahead of Peer Gutenberger (Yokomo). Coming from ninth spot of the grid, Jörg Baldes with his Xray T1R finished a strong third.

Result: 17-turn-class
1. Jörg Knippenberg, Yokomo
2. Peer Gutenberger, Yokomo
3. Jörg Baldes, Xray
4. Sascha Braun, Xray
5. Markus Kreder, Xray
6. Björn Prümper, Tamiya
7. Peter Arbeiter, Xray
8. Rolf Sczepanek, Xray
9. Thomas Wiemann, Xray
10. Roland Krom, Xray