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Race report by Carlos Duraes
The last round of the Portuguese Nationals was held at Torres Vedras, one of the most famous Portuguese tracks. Before this race there were still some drivers able to get the title including myself.

The track was really hard to drive, with a lot of grip and several bumps. During qualifications my car felt a bit nervous and we tried some different tires and setup to make it easier to drive, and I managed to get 4th overall after the qualifications and would start my semi with nr 2.

In the semi my car had improved a little with more steering but it was still a bit too hard to drive. Anyway, I finished second and would start the A-Main with nr 3.

In the beginning of the A-Main, at the first triple jump, a car crashed onto my rear and I flipped over – I dropped to last place. I made some mistakes in the first lap and got some bad luck with traffic and lost some seconds. After some good laps I could get the third spot, I wasn’t fast enough to get more. The Nationals are over and this year I finished third overall after winning last year. I would like to congratulate Miguel Matias for his Portuguese title.

Final results
1. Miguel Matias
2. Ricardo Monteiro
3. Carlos Duraes - Xray XB9
4. Pedro Figueiredo
5. Jorge Augusto
6. Rodrigo Luis
7. Fabio Ramos
8. Nuno Rebelo - Xray XB9
9. Tiago Aguiar
10. Joao Lopes
11. Bruno Coelho
12. António Peixe