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Race report by Ari Bakla
3 Days of Intense Truggy action was on the cards until the rain came... Day one of Practice was washed out, heavy rain and wet track meant no one was able to practice on the first day. Day 2 saw the sun shine but still a wet track, one round of practice was scheduled but not many people took to the track due to the heavy muddy conditions. The track stayed wet for most of the morning and a lot of people even chose to sit out te first round of Qualifying. With the qualifying shorteded to 5 rounds (bext 3 to count) it was always going to be who stayed on track would qualify well.

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After 5 rounds of Qualifying the XRAY Team were sitting well, with 4 drivers in the top 15. Michael Zlotkowski the highest qualifier sitting in 6th, Alan Nankervis 9th, Ron Maya 10th and Ari Bakla 15th.

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The A Semi was run first with Ron Maya and Michael Zlotkowski sitting 2nd & 3rd, looking for two XRAY's straight into the Main Final until Michael broke after a hard crash over the Step up Jump. Ron Maya went onto win the Semi with a comfortable consistent drive.

Semi final B had 3 Xrays ready to move up into the Main final, Alan Nankervis, Brendan Wade who bumped up all the way from the 1/8th Final, and the disappointed Ari Bakla both the last two drivers having a shocking run through qualifying. Alan has some bad luck in the final not getting through. Brendan again had a nice consistent drive putting the XT8 into the main along with Ari Bakla who won the Semi.

Qualifying Positions for the Main Final:

1. Ari Bakla XRAY XB9
2. Ron Maya XRAY XB9

3. Andrew Gillott
4. Simon Page
5. Kev Lewis
6. Matt Chatz
7. Nick Chatz
8. Stuart Smith
9. Matt Primmer
10. Jarred King
11. Richard Leitis
12. Savage Sam
13. Brendhan Wade XRAY XB9
14. Russell Freeman
15. Chris Lander

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Onto the Main Final:

60 Mins of pure Truggy action on one of the best tracks in Australia, this was going to be awesome. The track was grooved up and ready for 1000's of laps in 60mins.

Ari Bakla shot out to a nice 5 second lead, Ron dropping back from second after a rollover, Brendon making up ground car by car. All 3 XRAY's pushing hard in the top half of the race. 30 mins in and it was still Ari Bakla with nearly a lap lead over the whole field, Ron Maya had settled into 4th position while Brendan had worked his way up to 6th Position and circulating well. The positions stayed where they are for most of the race, with 3 mins to go Ari has 1 1/2 lap lead on 2nd and 3rd positions, until a rear drive shaft popping out over the largest jump on the track forfeiting his chance of a win. Brendhan moving his way up to 5th with one of the most consistent drives and Ron dropping a couple of position to finish a very respectable 7th overall.

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Final Positions:
1. Andrew Gillot
2. Jarred King
3. Ari Bakla XRAY XB9
4. Matt Primmer
5. Brendhan Wade XRAY XB9
6. Kev Lewis
7. Ronald Maya XRAY XB9
8. Richard Leitis
9. Matt Chatz
10. Chris Lander

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