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13 years old Christian Walkenhorst wins with Xray! click to enlarge
Christian Walkenhorst
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The first round of the Western German Championship for 1/10 electric touring cars, held on the first weekend in November at the well-known Megadrom at Geilenkirchen close to the Dutch border, saw 13 year old Christian Walkenhorst winning with his Orion-powered XRay T1 Evo 2 in the 12 turn class. Just to mention: It was his first entry in the modified class. In the three heats Christian Walkenhorst managed to catch second spot behind Heinz-Jürgen Kalinowski (Corally), the owner of this huge indoor track. Third position went to Xray teamdriver René Püpke in front of Uwe Spiess (Tamiya) and young Joel Voss with his XRay T1 Evo2.

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Car of Rene
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In the first a-main Kalinowski struggled and the way was free for young Christian Walkenhorst who showed an impressive performance with his XRay T1 Evo 2. After fourth position in the second a-main, when he caused four crashes as a result of a bad driving style he was back in form for the third a-main which he won by 0.73 seconds after a superb fight with Kalinowski. René Püpke, who was in the lead of two finals for a while, and also Joel Voss were missing the luck needed to achieve a good result. Voss finished on sixth and Püpke on eights position. The b-main saw a close battle between Karsten Lokau (Associated) and Uwe Baldes with his Orion-powered XRay T1 Evo2 with the better end for Lokau.

While 36 drivers joined the 12 turn class, 34 entries were registered for the new 27 turn modified class, the new standard class in Germany. Dennis Kalinowski (Corally), son of the track owner, was a class of his own, taking TQ and victory. Four Xray drivers made it to the a-main of the 27T class, as well as to the 12T a-main.

The top 10 of the 12T class: click to enlarge
Car of Joel
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1. Christian Walkenhorst, Xray T1 Evo2
2. Heinz-Jürgen Kalinowski, Corally
3. Uwe Spiess, Tamiya
4. Martin Hoffend, Corally
5. Alex Piperato, Yokomo
6. Joel Voss, XRay T1 Evo2
7. Jörn Neumann, Schumacher
8. René Püpke, XRay T1 Evo2
9. Sebastian Lein, Corally
10. Marco Walkenhorst, XRay T1 Evo2

The top 10 of the 27T class:

1. Dennis Kalinowski, Corally
2. Michael Spiering, Corally
3. Patrick Harlinghausen, Schumacher
4. Marc Manhart
5. Tobias Berckmann, XRay T1 Evo2
6. Clark Wohlert, XRay T1 Evo2
7. Frank Esser, XRay T1R

8. Andre Efler, Tamiya
9. Siegfried Schütte, Corally
10. Jörg Schummer, XRay T1 Evo2