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Race report by Mattia Pesenti
The 25th and 26th of August we had the last Swiss Nats in Langenthal, the home track of Kurzbuch Simon. The championship winner wasn’t decided yet and me, Kurzbuch, Hächler and Martinelli could go for it.

Unfortunately I couldn’t arrive to the track on Friday in order to practice and setup the car and Saturday morning we had only two 5 minute practice.

The car was good but I wasn’t fast enough to be in the first positions. I tried different setups in the 4 rounds of qualifying and in the last one the car was really good and fast in the warmup laps but after the start a pulley got broken and I had to stop.

Sunday I drove a very good final so I could start in the final in 4th position. The start was really good and I got third, I lost some seconds in the first minutes because the car was difficult to drive with big tires, so Kurzbuch and Hächler built a half lap lead.

Everything went good during the final and I could get the second place due to a mistake of Kurzbuch. Unfortuntely 7 minutes to the end I took a stone at the corner before the straight and I broke the car. We tried to fix it and finish the race but it wasn’t enough because I finished in 8th position.

Due to this result Martinelli and Hächler passed me in the championship standing.

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Swiss Championship 2012 1/8th EXPERT results:

1. Kurzbuch Simon
2. Hächler Silvio
3. Martinelli Luca
4. Pesenti Mattia XRAY RX8
5. Pethoud Christophe

A very good result for Moretti Giacomo in the 1/8th class AMATEUR, he drove a very good final finishing 3rd in this race and also 3rd overall in the 2012 Swiss Championship.

Swiss Championship 2012 1/8th AMATEUR results:

1. Pasquin Claudio
2. Kurzbuch Pascal
3. Moretti Giacomo XRAY RX8
4. Huonder Iso
5. Hajdekr Ales

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In the 1/10th class Traugott dominated also this race winning in front of Spreng Helli and Schäfer Michael.

Swiss Championship 2012 1/10th results:

1. Schär Traugott XRAY NT1

2. Spreng Helli
3. Kuriger Sandro
4. Schäfer Michael XRAY NT1
5. Lehnerr Christian XRAY NT1

It was my first season driving Xray and I’m really happy with the car. I have to say thank you to my father Sergio who helps me since my first race in the 1992 and also many thanks to Traugott and Monika of T+M Models for helping me during the whole season with Xray.

The next and last race of the season will be the Motonica Trophy in Fiorano, the 27th-28th of October.

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