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Flash News:
The Florida States series started this last weekend in Homestead. The GT class has been added to the series this year and is growing within the Florida area.

Qualifying saw Rino Lino with an Xray XB9 converted to GT taking TQ over second place Paolo Morganti and Joaquin Desoto in third. It was an eventful main as Rino and Paolo would battle it out over the beginning laps. On the first pit stop Rino had a flame out and the door looked open for Paolo. Then Paolo came in for fuel and also has a flameout. With this the battle continued and after 30 minutes of racing and different problem throughout the race for different drivers including Paolo and Rino, it was Rino Lino that took the Win in the final minute of the race.

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Other great results from Xray for this race were:

Juan Rodriguez 2nd in sedan
Anthony Schimizzi 3rd in sedan
Roniel Regalado 3rd in 1/8 scale