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Race report by Ciddi Amator
Turkey Off-Road RC community met again in Snappy Raceway for the last Buggyvolt Race of 2012 season on 9th September. Race was organized by Ciddi Amator (Serious Amateur) in 1/8th Scale Electric Buggy Class. There were 22 drivers in the race. Serpent Turkey, Losi Turkey, Racing Academy, Team Suadiye, Team 212, Team 216, BayRC and Rcbud Racing teams participated with 16 drivers total and 6 drivers were non-sponsored.

Practice Heats

Race day was started with practice heats. Two groups run controlled practice for 10 minutes. Qualification groups and starting position were determined by the best times in practice heats.

Qualification Heats

Each group run 3 qualification heats, 7 mins each. According to the qualification points, drivers raced in A Main or B Main.


After struggling 10 minutes x 3 in A Main, Alain Sarafyan has won Buggyvolt 2012. Cengiz Gokbulut from Racing Academy took second podium position and Tolga Yilmaz followed and won the 3rd position.

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Fianl results:
1. Alain Sarafyan
2. Cengiz Gökbulut XRAY XB808E
3. Tolga Yılmaz

Ciddi Amator (Serious Amateur) brings a new breath to off-road rc races in Turkey and new organizations will follow. Detailed information on Buggyburn and Ciddi Amator can be found in www.ciddiamator.com and www.facebook.com/ciddiamator.