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Xray achieved a brillant 1-2-3 success at round two of the well-known VIOL-Cup, held on 9th of November on the VIOL indoor track near Mönchengladbach in Germany. René Püpke won the tough battle for victory in the 12-turns-class ahead of Joel Voss and Uwe Baldes, all of them driving the Xray T1 Evo 2. Young Joel Voss, reigning German Champion in the standard class indoor and outdoor, took TQ with a tiny margin of 0.4 seconds ahead of Uwe Baldes. Xray team driver René Püpke was just another 0.3 seconds behind on third position of the grid for the a-main.

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The first finale saw four drivers in the lead, Voss, Baldes, Koen Joosens (Losi) from Belgium and finally Püpke. So Püpke won ahead of Joosens, Baldes, Voss and Jens Pöpperl, who has changed from Tamiya to Xray again. Several cars were involved in a first-lap-collision of the second a-main which allowed Jörg Baldes, coming from seventh spot of the grid, to move up to second position. When leading Voss made a mistake, Jörg Baldes, younger brother of Uwe, took the lead for a while until Voss was back at the tail of the Xray T1R to pass Jörg Baldes and cross the line as a winner. Daniel Bratzler (Yokomo) came in on third in front of Jens Pöpperl and Rene Püpke. Also the third finale was a fine demonstration of exciting rc racing in the modified class. Uwe Baldes passed Joel Voss in the second corner and could extend his lead lap by lap. But unfortunately something went wrong when he had to pass his brother Jörg in lap 19. Both Xray touched, hit the barrier and Uwe Baldes lost his comfortable advantage. René Püpke was at his tail and Uwe Baldes was under pressure now. When he touched a curb slightly his Xray rolled and ended upside down, so a marshal had to help. Finally Uwe Baldes could finish second behind René Püpke and in front of Bratzler and Voss. So it was René Püpke (2 points) who achieved an excellent win with Joel Voss in second (5) and Uwe Baldes (5) in third position. Six Xray made it into the a-main.

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An extraordinary 1-2-3-4-5 victory went to Xray in the 27-turns-class, the new standard category in Germany. Oliver Weil took the honour, winning all three a-mains. Benjamin Lehmann, who caught the pole-position, finished second ahead of Thomas Lanwert, Sven Kamps and Lars Nitschke. The 17-turns-class was won by Markus Drenkers with his Tamiya fellow Björn Prümper on second. Best Xray driver Sascha Braun came in on fourth place.

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Absolutely unusual was the start of six ladies in a rc car race. The wifes and girl friends of regular VIOL drivers showed an unexpected performance. Finally it was Ingrid Dörkes who together with her husband Oliver owns the VIOL indoor track, managed to win both b-mains in the class of the newcomers ahead of several male competitors and five female racers. All six ladies drove Xray, not only because the Xray is - nearly
- indestructible.

A total of 87 drivers joined this race meeting at VIOL.


1. René Püpke, Xray
2. Joel Voss, Xray
3. Uwe Baldes, Xray

4. Koen Joosens, Losi
5. Daniel Bratzler, Yokomo
6. Jörg Baldes, Xray
7. Jens Pöpperl, Xray
8. Leo Heyne, Xray

9. Kai Altmann, Tamiya
10. Michael Vollmer, Losi


1. Markus Drenkers, Tamiya
2. Björn Prümper, Tamiya
3. Frank Falkenberg
4. Sascha Braun, Xray
5. Markus Kreder, Xray

6. Régis Delbouille, Schumacher
7. Yannic Prümper, Tamiya
8. Thomas Wiemann, Xray
9. Peter Arbeiter, Xray

10. Manfred Zimmermann


1. Oliver Weil, Xray
2. Benjamin Lehmann, Xray
3. Thomas Lanwert, Xray
4. Sven Kamps, Xray
5. Lars Nitschke, Xray

6. Dennis Klein
7. Uwe Naujoks, Xray
8. Tim Schulz, Tamiya
9. Jürgen Prümper, Tamiya
10. David Drewanz, Tamiya