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Race report by Ciddi Amator
Istanbul was the scene of a very interesting race this weekend. Last Man Standing 2012.

All started with a funny idea. Drivers thought that it would be fun if they race for 2 hrs without pitman and marshal! and... Ciddi Amatör did it again. It was an awesome race. First in Turkey for sure and probably first in the world too...

Only 10 drivers have been accepted to the race. They did their pit and turned their cars on the track. They were not allowed to turn others cars too. During 2 hrs of main they run between the pit, track and drivers stand many times.

Qualification Heat

Race day was started with qualification heat. Qual was 10 minutes. Main starting position were determined by the average of 2 best times in qualification heat.

1. Alain Sarafyan
2. Tolga Yılmaz
3. Cengiz Gökbulut XRAY
4. Ahmet Demirel
5. Kaan Önder
6. Emre Tüysüz
7. Emre Arda XRAY
8. Mete Salman
9. Cihan Akgün
10 Safak Balcı XRAY

2 Hrs of Main
After -never ending- 120 minutes of Main, Alain Sarafyan was the Last Man Standing for 2012.

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From left: Safak Balci, Emre Arda, Cengiz Gökbulut
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Final results:
1. Alain Sarafyan
2. Cengiz Gökbulut XRAY
3. Tolga Yılmaz
4. Kaan Önder
5. Mete Salman
6. Safak Balcı XRAY
7. Emre Arda XRAY

8. Cihan Akgün
9. Emre Tüysüz
10. Ahmet Demirel