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One of the A-final starts
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The annual Procar-Open touringcar race was held November 22-23 in Eskilstuna Sweden. Drivers from Sweden, Norway and Finland showed up. This year the race was held in an new venue that is an old, not used anymore, office building. That ment that there was vast spaces for pit tables etc. The track itself was strangely quite small and narrow. Due to the fact that the racing carpet was put on top of the office carpet the track was fairly bumpy also.

In qualifying the local driver Magnus Vässmar was fast and also Joel Myrberg with his Xray. But fastest war Joel's older brother Andreas with his Xray T1 Evo2. Top-3 in qualifying was Andreas, Magnus and Joel.

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Andreas Myrberg's winning Evo2
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Due to the fact that the starting grid layout on the straight was not so well planned the starts in the A-final was not so fair. The spacing between the rows was really short and the #1 spot was far from the racingline. That ment in the first sweeper all hell broke loose in some finals. Not really fair to the racers.

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The winning Stratus 2 equiped T1 Evo2
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After two A-finals Andreas had already won it. For the last final the second and third place was an open affair between Magnus and Joel. But Joel had the better shot at it because Magnus had to win the third one to be able to snatch second place (Joel also had a disatser first final when they red-flagged it when he was in the lead!). The third final started and Andreas took off with Magnus close to his tail, while Joel was a victime of the "ordinary first corner crach" and fell back. After a couple of minutes, Joel had worked his way up to third, quite a distance from the top two. Meanwhile, Andreas was holding his line and tried to race as slow as possible in order to let Joel catch up. Joel drove very fast and did no mistakes and was close to Magnus after 4,30. Out on the last lap Magnus tried a move on Andreas as Joel was on his tail now. He slightly touched Andreas so he spund but hit a curb himself instead, and that was enough for Joel who now took the lead three corners from the finnish line.

Modified results: click to enlarge
Joel and Andreas Myrberg
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1. Andreas Myrberg (S) Xray T1 Evo2
2. Joel Myrberg (S) Xray T1 Evo2

3. Magnus Vässmar (S) Schumacher
4. Nicklas Johansson (S) Xray T1 Raycer
5. Helge Johannessen (N) TC3
6. Victor Wilck (S) TC3
7. Gustav Dahlberg (S) Yokomo
8. Jouko Termonen (SF) TC3
9. Tommi Torikka (SF) TC3
10. Alexander Hagberg (S) Schumacher

Stock results: click to enlarge
Viggo Andreassen (2) Jonathan Book (1) Mattias Almqvist (3)
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In the stock class Jonathan Book was in a league of his own. TQ and winning two finals, the third final won Mattias Almqvist.

1. Jonathan Book (S) Yokomo
2. Viggo Andreassen (N) Losi
3. Mattias Almqvist (S) Losi
4. Nils Homlström (S) Tamiya
5. Sigmund Överäng (S) Yokomo
6. Jörgen Andersson (S) Yokomo
7. Adam Brink (S) Yokomo
8. Göran Langholt (N) Yokomo
9. Jon-Age Olsen (N)
10. Daniel Hammarlund (S)

Xray M18 debute click to enlarge
Andreas new cool ride!
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After the finals before the price ceremony the Myrbergs showed their brand new micro ride - the cool new Xray M18 car. Everyone that was there was given a chance of a unique test-drive.

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The brand new M18 micro in action
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In fact that was the very first time the car had seen a track at all. A very cool and fun car!