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Race report by Jirka Mara
The 5th and last round of the 2012 Czech Championship took place in Most from 28 to 29 September. Track in Most is simple and fast. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining all day. Twenty-five drivers attended this last round. XRAY was once again the most used car with 12 cars on the track and 7 of them finishing in the top ten.

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The championship title has been already decided in the 4th round but for second place was still open and a lot of drivers battled for vice-champioship title. Qualification started Saturday morning with 5 rounds and I managed to win 4 of them. The day went excellent, I happended to win the qualification, semifinal and finals. In the finals, I lead the race from start to finish and won two laps ahead the runner up. The 2012 championship title went to Martin Bayer.

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Final race results 1/8 nitro
1. Mara Jiri - XRAY XB9
2. Zeman Lukas - XRAY XB9

3. Kapicka Jan
4. Klatovsky Petr
5. Zamis Jan
6. Hajek Karel
7. Dvorak Jiri - XRAY XB9
8. Bilek Roman - XRAY XB9
9. Marek Tomas - XRAY XB9
10. Silhavy Stepan - XRAY XB9

11. Leity Tomas
12. Kapicka Tomas

Czech Championship 2012 1/8 nitro overall
1. Bayer Martin - XRAY XB9
2. Mara Jiri - XRAY XB9
3. Zeman Lukas - XRAY XB9
4. Kukla David - XRAY XB9

5. Klatovsky Petr
6. Kapicka Jan
7. Kurecka Ludvik - XRAY XB9
8. Hajek Karel
9. Zamis Jan
10. Marek Tomas - XRAY XB9
11. Dvorak Jiri - XRAY XB9
12. Silhavy Stepan - XRAY XB9

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