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Groskamp, Cosgrove and Moore made it to the A main click to enlarge
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The Peak powered XRAY factory drivers Jilles Groskamp from The Netherlands and Ben Cosgrove and Andrew Moore from Great Britain joined the "Team Orion Speed Weekend" at Rheinberg in Germany and showed a strong performance. All three of them made it into the A main. Jilles Groskamp finished third overall, Ben Cosgrove came in on fifth and Andre Moore on tenth.

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Ben Cosgrove arrived early Friday morning and was really quick from the beginning while Jilles Groskamp, just back from the Reedy Race at Thailand and nearly already on his way to Cleveland in the USA, and Andrew Moore missed the Friday practise and had to adjust their cars and the driving in only three short three-minutes-sessions on Saturday morning. Finally Jilles Groskamp ended up on third position after four heats less than two seconds behind Fin Teemo Leino (Schumacher) who took pole position in front of Jonas Kaerup from Denmark (Associated). Ben Cosgrove took a strong sixth spot on the grid with Andrew Moore on ninth. In the second A main Jilles Groskamp drove his Xray T1 Evo2 with extra power from Oscar Jansen to an excellent win but due to some bad luck he finished only on fourth position in the first and the third A main. Cosgrove moved up to a fine third in the first A with sixth and tenth place in the following two finales. Moore came in on fifth in the first A behind Cosgrove and Groskamp but in the second and third race he was on ninth twice. The overall win went to Teemo Leino followed by Jonas Karup.

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In the standard class, which was run with identical Orion 27 turns motors, Xray took home victory with pole sitter Robert Speck winning two A mains. Andre Severt (HPI) and Dennis Kalinowski (Corally) made it to second and third spot on the podium. Xray drivers Arno Püpke and Thomas Lanwert finished on sixth and tenth position.

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A total of 143 drivers joined the "Team Orion Speed Weekend" which was held for the very first time. 76 drivers entered the modified class (12T), 67 the standard class (27T). All of them had to use controlled tires, Orion B-compound with new one-piece-inserts JB-blue. The carpet track with a pretty good layout and a large paddock was located in an exhibition hall where a (small) model fair took place. A huge crowd followed specially the mains on Sunday. The "Team Orion Speed Weekend" is planned to become a regular event each November.

Result Modified Class, A Main click to enlarge
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1. Teemu Leino (FIN) Schumacher
2. Jonas Kaerrup (DK) Associated
3. Jilles Groskamp (NL) Xray
4. Marc Rheinard (D) Tamiya
5. Ben Cosgrove (GB) Xray
6. Steffen Leinburger (D) Tamiya
7. Dirk Wischnewski (D) Tamiya
8. Alexander Stocker (D) Tamiya
9. Jonas Anderson (S) Schumacher
10. Andrew Moore (GB) Xray

Result Standard Class, A Main click to enlarge
(click to enlarge)
1. Robert Speck (D) Xray
2. Andre Severt (D) HPI
3. Dennis Kalinwski (D) Corally
4. Stefan Thüner (D) Associated
5. Sascha Speck (D) Tamiya
6. Arno Püpke (D) Xray
7. Steffen Still (D) Tamiya
8. Björn Brockmann (D) Tamiya
9. Henrik Heitsch (D) HPI
10. Thomas Lanwert (D) Xray