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Team XRAY was extremely successful at the latest US Indoor Championship that took place in Cleveland, Ohio. Team XRAY was well represented by top European drivers Jilles Groskamp and Andreas Myrberg, along with Martin and Juraj Hudy travelling to the US to compete in one of the most competitive indoor races run on foam tires. From the USA, drivers such as Alex Lopez, Jared Scott, Travis Schreven, Tom Esposito and brand new team driver Josh Cyrul joined the team.

Modified racing:
As this was the European team’s first time at this race, all drivers had to start in the lowest heats, and getting a clear run was very demanding. Considering this huge disadvantage, as well as the challenge of foam tire racing (all races in Europe are done with rubber tires) both Jilles and Andreas did a perfect job qualifying for the B main. Josh Cyrul was the biggest surprise, since with his brand new T1 EVO2 that he raced for the first time ever, Josh was able to qualify for the A final… a great success considering the tight competition! In the final run starting from 9th position, Josh drove through the pack putting him up to 3rd position, but in the last lap he dumped and finished 6th.

Final results Modified:
1. Mike Blackstock
2. Atsushi Hara
3. Paul Lemieux
4. Brian Kinwald
5. David Spashett
6. Josh Cyrul (XRAY)
7. Mike Dumas
8. Billy Easton
9. Barry Baker
10. Chris Tosolini

In the Masters, privateer Eli Ezrow took TQ with his T1 EVO2 and Tom Esposito qualified 3rd. In the final, Eli had a traffic issue and lost his 1st position, but still managed to finish 2nd in front of Tom.

Final results Masters:
1. Bob Vanwagner
2. Eli Ezrow (XRAY)
3. Tom Esposito (XRAY)

4. David Morrow
5. Bob Schoenau
6. Junior Norton
7. Mike Marshall
8. Skip Starkey
9. Bill Jeric
10. Steve Lafara

In the stock category, XRAY again dominated and ruled the entire race. Dan Milles took TQ with his T1 EVO2 followed by XRAY’s Alex Lopez (US Stock National Champion '02). In the final, Dan had a bad luck struggling
with electronic problems, and Alex Lopez was able to take home the trophy with style and become the US Indoor Champion '03. Another great victory for Alex and Team XRAY. Congratulations!

Final results Stock:
1. Alex Lopez (XRAY)

2. Bobby Flack
3. Ray Darroch
4. Wayne Vince
5. Martin Crisp
6. Paul Ciccarello
7. Robert Love
8. Aaron Bomia
9. Dan Miles (XRAY)
10. Chuck Lonergan

Team XRAY would like to thank all XRAY drivers, the organizers for hosting such a great race, and all other drivers for a great, exciting, extremely competitive event. We look forward to the 2004 race, and we will again bring you news reports.

For a complete report and detailed results, check out www.rctech.net