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Jensen Kho in action
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After 5 series of races held through out the year of 2003, Team Xray Kuching has proven to themself that they have done well and showed the others who didnot believe that Xray can do well here.

Final Result For The Sarawak Open 1/10 Electric Touring Car Race 2003
Jensen Kho's win for 2003
Champion : Jensen Kho (Xray) 258 points with 5 wins and 4 T.Q.
1st Runner Up : Richard Foo (Xray) 236 points
2nd Runner Up : Robin Goh (Yokomo) 235 points
3rd Runner Up : Elvin Goh (Losi) 229 points
4th Runner Up : Ting Khoon Hua (Losi) 228 points
5th Runner Up : Hensley Yong (Xray) 224 points
6th Runner Up : Kho Chin Kuang (Xray) 208 points
7th Runner Up : Lo Choon Yong (Xray) 208 points
8th Runner Up : Chong Teck Onn (Xray) 184 points
9th Runner Up : Walter Kho (Losi) 172 points