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After the 4th and last race XRAY secured both 1/8 and 1/10 titles.

With 3 of 4 wins Ruggero secured his Alpe Adria Cup 2012 title.

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1. Garbetta Ruggero - XRAY NT1
2. Knehtl Vladimir
3. Kokol Stanislav - XRAY NT1

Jernej won 3 out of 4 races. Because of engine problems in his 2nd race in Zagreb he had to retire after leading the final already by 2 laps.

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1. Vuga Ĺ tendler Jernej - XRAY RX8 2012
2. Mis Valentin
3. Mihelič Nejc

In fact both drivers had 100% wins, because the worst result from 4 rounds is to be discarded.

Since Alpe Adria Cup 2012 was also counting for 1/8 Slovenian champ, Jernej also won the 2012 Slovenian national championship.

Here is what Jernej says about the last race:
The weather forecast for Saturday was bad and it really was - rain all the day so there was no driving at all. On Sunday the track was damp in the morning, so since I know the track I waited for the last heat and although the tuning of the engine and car set-up wasn't perfect I posted TQ time. After that we had semi finals and I tried some different shock damping which I liked more. So, for the superpole run I opted to change something more to test, but at the end I went back to the previous set-up. In the final I had a good start and pulled away, but then we had problems while pitting, because the fuel gun got stuck, so I lost 1st place, but after a while I was back in the lead.

Since the objective was to win the Alpe Adria Cup 2012 and Slovenian champs, I didn't push to the limit, also because I found the car later in the final strange. After the race I discovered a lost screw and some suspension parts were moving.

All in all I'm pleased with the 2012 season, because I got more and more confident with my equipment and I won all the races I participated in but one (tecnical problems while I was in confortable lead).