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First race of series was hosted by Kypak club at Kuusankoski 150km from Helsinki. Track and club are known of really high level of competion from previous years. Its huge sport hall wich gives plenty of space for big open track and pit. Track was really highspeed with open corners. It was pleasure to drive this real touring car track and carpet did gave good grip even control tyres Take-Off CS27 doesnt offer level of grip that most good carpet tyres do.

Qualifing started really tight. Trackmarks were forgiving and you could surrive from mistakes easily. Home track advance seemed clear and many people had been running track at club nights. Team Associated and Corally drivers had been at Kypak club practicing and trying to make their cars faster as Team Xray choose to get setups sorted at hometrack. AE and Xray seems to work pretty equal but Corallys didnt handle at all and their drivers had problems to get it sorted out even tought track was pretty easy. During rounds all people did got feeling of track and all seems to enjoy high level racing both on and off track. After 3 rounds order was Timo Rinne Xray/Orion, Jouko Termonen AE/Reedy, Teppo Kauppinen Xray/Orion.Last round of Qualifing stayed same but Christer Andersson AE/Reedy came up in front. All top drivers were there with equal times so it was going to be interesting at finals.

inals started clean as Andersson was leading from Rinne and Kauppinen. After small mistake from Rinne both fell back. Andersson was now gone and 4 way battle of top places continued with Rinne, Kauppinen, Termonen and Teemu Saarinen/Corally. At the end it was Andersson, Saarinen, Kauppinen. Whole final was really tight and all drivers did came pretty close at the end.
Second final was more boring Andersson at lead followed by Kauppinen and Rinne. Nothing really happened and all came to the end at same order with small difference.
Last final started with lot of crashing at first corners. After race settled down there were many nice races between drivers and it really seemed clear and high level of competition. At the end it was Rinne, Termonen and Kauppinen..all in 3m distance!
Stock class was also really tight and it was Panu Vehviläinen followed by Miko Teponoja/Xray and Petri Laitala. Foam class won by Ismo Vuorinen/Xray and rostock Simo Tammela/Xray.

Next race
It was start of series and it was succes as almous 100 drivers did compete. Race was run in timetable and all people seemed to enjoy great day of racing. Next race will be at Turku in couple weeks of time.

1 Christer Andersson AE
2 Timo Rinne XRAY
3 Teppo Kauppinen XRAY

4 Jouko Termonen AE
5 Kalle Lehto AE
6 Teemu Saarinen CORALLY
7 Tony Raikas CORALLY
8 Tom Kalves XRAY
9 Simo Ahoniemi CORALLY
10 Mika Mänty AE