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XRAY is proud to announce that the former World Champion Surikarn Chaidajsuriya will continue to race with XRAY in 2013. Surikarn is multiple national champion and multiple winner in different categories in Asia. Surikarn will in 2013 race both 1/10 electric & nitro touring classes as well the 1/8 off-road class and the first race on schedule is TITC.

Surikarn says:

"It is a pleasure to be a part of this Team Xray. The team made a great job with good result on pass year. XRAY works very hard to have the best performing car in each category. That's what made me decide to stay with the Team Xray. I am really looking forward to focus on Major race in Thailand, and some oversea events for 1/10 Touring Car T4 , NT1 and the 1/8 Buggy XB9. Thank you so much for Team Xray and Asia Model to give me the opportunity to be part of the team in the past several years."