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In the middle of winter we were lucky to race in a sunny day the 7th round of the most competitive 1/10 nitro and ep touring races. A lot of drivers attended and the competition was of a high level as many of them tried hard for a place in A final. Greek XRAY team was present again with some new drivers. The qualification results were:

1. Totomis
2. Sidiropoulos
3. Tsiklitiras
4. Gazetas
5. Sotiropoulos - XRAY NT1
6. Zacharopoulos - XRAY NT1

7. Pilichos
8. Kouretas
9. Nikiforos - XRAY NT1
10. Theodoropoulos
11. Agelakopoulos - XRAY NT1

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Totomis did again a great race and won but not so easily this time. Sotiropoulos 4th and Agelakopoulos 5th place had a difference of less than a second. These 2 drivers are leading the championship with the same points after 7 races. Nikiforos is better and better as he made some good tests with his XRAY but he had some engine issues. Zacharopoulos was the new driver of team XRAY and he made the 2nd place on his first appearance. After 45 minutes of tough racing with some of the drivers made tyres’ change pitstops.

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1/10 nitro final results
1. Totomis
2. Zacharopoulos - XRAY NT1
3. Sidiropoulos
4. Sotiropoulos - XRAY NT1
5. Agelakopoulos - XRAY NT1

6. Kouretas
7. Pilichos
8. Theodoropoulos
9. Tsiklitiras
10. Gazetas
11. Nikiforos - XRAY NT1

That was a great race once again. Thilo Alexander(1/8 driver) and his team from Germany was at FRT for testing from Friday to Sunday. He was absolutely satisfied and find that the track is great fun with great speeds and very demanding for engines. Stay tuned for the 8th rd of the best Greek championship.

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We continued with the electric touring cars. The traction was perfect after 1/10 and 1/8 foam tyres’ cars were racing all day long. XRAY T4 made the 1-2 on podium proving once again that it is the most reliable and fastest car in such a tough race. Georgiades won the race again and this is the 5th out of 7 races he won with his XRAY T4. He tried different setups and tyres (the tyres are open in that class). His XRAY T4 was very good all day and succeed to make similar laps very close to fastest lap even with different tyres.

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1/10 TC final results
1. Georgiades - XRAY T4
2. Sidiropoulos - XRAY T4

3. Mitropoulos
4. Nikolakopoulos
5. Konstadopoulos - XRAY T3
6. Kiriazis
7. Isaakides - XRAY T3
8. Bakirtzes - XRAY T3

9. Argi
10. Doucakis