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XRAY introduces the new 2013 specs of XRAY XB9. For all details see www.teamxray.com/XB9

Juraj Hudy and the XRAY Engineering and Racing Teams have conceptualized and built the XB9 platform based on long-term experience and achievements. The 2013 XB9 is the next evolution of the XRAY off-road concept, featuring innovative XRAY Multi-Flex™ adjustment, superior weight balance and weight distribution, easy chassis flexes setting for traction and stability adjustment, and more forgiving and easy-to-control handling. Long-term tested by factory racing team and regular drivers in all conditions, the innovative design focuses all the way down to the smallest details to increase performance, handling, and reliability.

Building on the heritage of quality, performance and support evidenced by multiple Car of the Year awards, Viewers Choice award, and countless wins and victories at racetracks around the world including prestigious European Championship title, XRAY presents the next XB9. Developed, designed and manufactured all in Europe.

2013 new-features:

• New longer and wider chassis for increased stability and weight balance
• New engine position and internal component layout to improve performance, efficiency and durability
• New updated side guards
• New fuel tank with floating stone type fuel filter
• New high-torque clutch set
• New heavier high-torque flywheel
• New high-torque clutch shoes
• New high-torque clutch springs
• New 16° caster blocks suitable for majority of track conditions
• New steering blocks for increased corner speed
• New Ackermann position for increased corner speed
• New HUDY Spring Steel™ turnbuckles with new size
• New front shock tower with new roll center positions
• New rear shock to accommodate optional longer chassis brace
• New longer muffler mounting to accommodate all types of mufflers

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