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Race report by Bruno Coelho
As this was my very first race with the XB9 with no prior track time, I started quite carefully. My team mate Nuno Rebelo helped me a lot to get as much as possible from the car in such a short time and find a good set-up. Car responded very well and I was improving my lap times, so the expectations were getting higher.

I started the finals from 7th position and with consistent driving I slowly worked my way up through the field. At 8 minute mark I got into collision with another driver and stop&go penalty dropped me back to the last place. I had to push harder and at 30 min mark I was already third with only 10 seconds behind the leader. Unfortunately the electronics failure stopped me from achieving a good result.

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Final results:
1. Miguel Matias
2. Nuno Rebelo - XRAY XB9’13
3. Joao Lopes
4. Rodrigo Luis
5. Nuno C. Ribeiro
6. Ricardo Monteiro
7. Tiago Aguiar - XRAY XB9’13
8. Ricardo Martins
9. Rui Reis
10. Cristian Villar - XRAY XB9’13
11. Bruno Coelho - XRAY XB9’13

Set-up sheet
Bruno Coelho